Music: Maybach Dice feat. French Montana “Ride”

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Seprel Jamal Turner (born October 25, 1989) a native of Jamaica Queens,was raised on some of the most prolific Hip-hop artists ever known.  In a single parent home raised by his hard working mother and grandmother along side his older sister Teshia Turner; Seprel Turner begin rapping at the tender age of 5 years old heavily influenced by the popular act the time Kris Kross. Growing up Turner always possessed an ability for people to gravitate towards him, that gift played a major role throughout his entire life. Turner at 12 years old would finally get his shot at seeing his dreams come true. He would meet up with G-Unit Co-Founder and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s best friend Daniel “Bang’em Smurf” Calliste. At the time the tensions and makings of a separation was beginning to show between Calliste and Jackson through personal disagreements between them. “When I was young like 12 13 and G-Unit first took off I remember how excited everyone felt, like 50 made it, but that quickly changed.” Calliste and Jackson eventually went their separate ways; thus Colliste with the knowledge and information he possessed from helping start G-Unit went on to found Gangsta Flip records in 2003. He would sign the then 12 year old Turner and another local act in the neighborhood Domination a.k.a Domo, cousin to the late  Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah. Gangsta Flip had much success in its early stages, numerous successful deals negotiated and others still on the table, but through the incarceration of Smurf as well as other mishaps the label begin to lose speed. However the now 16 year old Turner continued to keep the label alive, along side help from this labelmate Domination. “It was defientley a chanellge, we had the biggest act in hip-hop at the time (50 Cent) trying to stop us, he had the means too, the money, the power, the resources but…..for someone reason it can only be God he couldn’t stop us…anyone else they would be finish, but it wasn’t the case for us.” Ultimately this would be the case as Gangsta Flip Records would cease to exist in a business aspect. Turner would then begin to work on his group Chozen Onez a.k.a C1z to help preserve what Calliste had started. “I had different people approach me through Smurf’s incarceration saying “Come with me Dice” but I remained loyal because Smurf sacrificed so much for me, of course I had to make a way and needed resources to continue but never would jump ship. [Laughs] I’m not going to lie it was hard but loyalty is everything.  In late 2008 Calliste was released, and the main story in hip-hop was the Rick Ross and 50 Cent feud. Through a phone call made by Maybach Music Group artist Masspike Miles to Freddro Starr, Rick Ross and Calliste would eventually speak, Calliste would then go on to negotiate a deal with Rick Ross who would sign the now 19 year old Turner to his newly formed label Maybach Music Group.

Maybach Dice feat. French Montana “Ride” Prod. By Arizona Slim

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Nov 2, 2014
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#1 Kim Jackson :

Hello Mybach, I have stayed quiet. about my nephew Seprel turner, I have been the supportive aunt. That stayed on the back burner.. I support my nephew, but I do not support the negative things that seems to keep popping up in his life… I want the violence to stop… I don’t want him to be apart of any of the nonsense that is going on.. I have told my nephew, to not be apart of the negative things that are going to in-pack his life.. My brother would never let his son be apart of this. I have to take my own responsibility in this.. Because I dropped the ball. But It stops now., no more no more will I allow this to go on. My Nephew work hard and long to make a name for himself,and to not say something is to except what is going on. NOOOOO!!! I will not except what has happened to my nephew, because his father could not be there, in a portion of his life. To help him through his career, In spirit he was always there.. My brother was there for his son, until he was set back by life’s miss-justice’s,but that did not mean he did not love his son or that he did not care.. He was just caught up in the system.. But My brother will be freed in lest than 30 days and he will be here for his son., Seprel Turner AKA Maybac Dice., AKA Seprel Jackson. I’m just saying for those who do not Seprel Turner Let me tell you who he is. He is a loving and kind person. That has been the apple of my eye and his families eye from the day he was born, which was 25 years ago.. He has been a great brother, son, and nephew, cousin and grandson. His family loves him and look forward to him being a outstanding person in life.. So to end this for now!! Seprel Is loved!! and will always have the support of his family and he will make a change in life to be the best dad, son,grandson, nephew, brother, cousin, and family man.. Believe that.. Love His Auntie Kim…

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